Free Workshops  
  1. Surviving Retirement & Paying for Long-Term Care
  2. Wills, Trusts and Long-Term Care Asset Protection
  3. Life-Care - Aging in Place & In-Home Care Solutions
  4. Keys to Personal Wellness - Mind, Body & Goals
  5. College Expense Planning
  6. Keys to Unlocking Social Security Benefits
  7. Keys to Unlocking Medicare Benefits
  8. Protecting Assets While Qualifying for Medicaid
  9. Life-Care - Senior Housing Options & Right Sizing
  10. Caring for the Caregiver
  11. 21st Century Alternative Careers & Income Options
  1. Baby-Boomer Retirement Course (3-part - 2 hr sessions)
  2. Retirement & Longevity Readiness Clinic (two 4 hr sessions)
  3. What Retirement Lifestyle Do You Want - Navigate the Transition     (one-day interactive workshop)
Sponsored Courses
Free-Private Planning
  1. Longevity & Retirement Readiness Checkup™  (30-45 min session)
  2. Longevity & Retirement Readiness Roadmap™  (1-2 hr session)
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